Wren Noir’s Cliffside Farm

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Confession: I am a windlight addict. I bet many of you are, too. I can spend hours cycling through windlights; I take every photo in multiple lights. For each photo that I post here or on my Flickr feed, I’ve taken at least thirty others in different lights. And it’s not just when I’m taking photos – every time I land somewhere new, I check to see what the region looks like in their preset windlight, and then I play around to find what I like best. Then I forget why I landed there and wander around aimlessly until I either remember or find something else shiny to look at. Wren Noir’s home is a windlight lover’s dream.


First of all, let me show you the landing point using the region’s windlight setting. Some of you may be looking at this and thinking, “meh, that’s so dim. where’s the sun. wah wah wah.” and to you I say SHUSH. This windlight is my jam. I keep my home sim set on low sun, lots of fog, and very dark. It soothes me. And Wren’s home windlight was very soothing as well.


But listen, for you sparkly chipper people out there who want sun and shine and bright, Wren’s place has that, too. I cycled through every windlight I had, and her place  looked incredible in them all; except maybe some of Torley’s Weird Lights, but even those were fun to see.



Wren has a home that is a brilliant mix of mountains, tropics and farm. This isn’t an easy look to pull off – these things don’t often go together. She’s lived in this home (from L2) for over a year, and says she doesn’t change houses often:

I just keep adding or rearranging. I liken it to running my fingers through the hair of my beloved.



The inside is just as bright and cheerful as the outside. This build is airy and open and Wren’s decor is light – it all works to create a soothing space that looks like home.



The quiet and almost monotone color pallet downstairs gives way to more colorful decor upstairs. But even up here, the feels are soothing and calming. Those are the words that came to mind the entire time I was visiting Wren’s home. Everything works perfectly  together.



Snapshot_023Snapshot_020One thing that I can’t convey in these photos are the sounds. As soon as you land at Wren’s home, you hear birds, wind, water, and all manner of ambient sounds. As you move toward her home, the sounds increase. Most of these sounds are coming from the barn that sits next to the house, perched on a cliff over the ocean.



This was my favorite space, and turns out it is Wren’s as well. She tells me she spends most of her time there when she’s home. I can’t blame her. It’s another great space, though darker and more colorful than the house. I instantly felt at home here.



In fact, my favorite seat in Wren’s home was here, on the deck of the barn overlooking the water. Given the choice, I will always choose a water view and my own windlight.


But this spot was a very close second:


I’ll leave you with Wren’s own words about her home, which echo my feelings about a home in SL:

It is my refuge. The place where all is right with the world. It grounds me when I am in SL … and not because all is plain to see, but because what you see is serene and there is the spark of a surprise that awaits me around nearly every corner.

Please click any photo to view a gallery of full size images. 


  1. wrennoir · May 19, 2017

    Reblogged this on { wren's nest } and commented:
    Oh oh what a wonderful article and stunning photography skills! My gosh, Whiskey picked up on EVERYthing I think when I go ‘home’ in SL!


  2. wrennoir · May 19, 2017

    Thank you so much, Whiskey! What a thoughtful and kind visitor you are. You mentioned all the things I think about when creating my environment too… yes, yes.. the windlight is so important, as are sounds, and yes I paid attention to the lights to make it interesting even in the dark. Oh, you have set my heart to flight! Thank you!

    I’ll extend an invitation here to anyone who wants to come visit,. All it takes is a quick IM and I will add you to that access list. See if you can find all my secret spots while you are there too (caves, hobo tent on the beach, secret fairy ring, secret interior waterfall, mountain pass, and a few more 🙂 )

    Thank you again, Whiskey!!


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