Home & Garden Photography

RL work is keeping me mostly AFK lately, so I haven’t had a chance to poke around and perv any new homes to post here. I’ve received more applications for homes to feature than I ever imagined I would; I could post a home every day for months and still not get through them all. If you’ve sent me a note regarding your home, I got it! I’m just slammed with work for the next couple of weeks. I’ll come back to you, promise!

In the meantime, as I putter around my SL and RL homes, I’ve been thinking a lot about style and taste and what makes a home “look good.” I feel like 80% of that is your own personality and preferences. You collect what you like and set up your home and that’s style. It’s your taste and even if it’s not mine, I can appreciate what you’ve done. But that other 20% isn’t so easy and makes a huge difference. I think of it as having the design eye. It can be innate or it can be learned, but not everyone has it.

When I’m unable to get inworld to wander around someone else’s home, I’m going to post some SL home and garden photo favorites from Flickr. If you read Cajsa Lilliehook’s What I Like  column at her blog, you’ll know why she was my inspiration for doing this. I love her column so much. She’s someone who obviously has “the eye” and is happy to teach others how to use their own. I’m not going to dissect the design of the photos I post here. I’m just going to share them with you because I like them. Please click through to Flickr to view these photos in full size.

Many of the home shots on Flickr are set up for a blog photo. They aren’t really “homes,” but photo sets, taken down after the blogger is finished with them. Those can be lovely, and often you can look at a shot and never know if it’s their everyday home or a temporary photo set.  This shot by Adalynne Romano was set up for a blog, but that surely doesn’t take away from its beauty.

Hitsu Ruby has phenomenal design talent, evidenced by her incredible builds and her photos taken in and around them. I often page through her Flickr feed and find it visually soothing. There is nothing I don’t love here.

Samantha Hellman’s blog is one of the few home blogs I actively follow. I get the impression that she does put her sets together purely for blog photos, but I would happily move right into most of them. Considering how much time it has taken me to get only halfway finished with my own SL home, I can’t imagine how much time Samantha puts into her blog posts.

Details. For me, that’s what makes a house a home. Small, easily overlooked items can make a home come alive. In Second Life, details are often overlooked due to prim counts and land impact and the kind of impermanence we generally experience inworld. Terry Fotherington’s photostream is filled with details, both big and small. His photos are beautiful and often evoke music for me when I view them. While I love his gorgeous landscapes, I especially love the small details in this shot, so wonderfully captured.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos. I’ll be back soon with my own photos of some incredible SL homes. In the meantime, leave links or names of your favorite home and garden photographers in the comments! I’d love to follow more.

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