Noirran Marx’s Curiosities

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I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by art. I was raised by an artist and then raised one myself and neither of them creates what you might call pretty, Hang-Over-the-Sofa Art. My mother’s art is bold and raw and often difficult to look at. My daughter’s work is intense and, while beautiful, it is not conventionally pretty. And I love everything they’ve ever created. I am a fan of the odd, the weird and dark, which is why I was instantly in awe of Noirran Marx’s home when I landed there.


Noirran’s is my first post featuring someone I don’t know. She saw Hamlet’s post about my blog on New World Notes (Shout out to Second Life’s Huffpost!), and submitted her home to be featured. It was exciting to walk around her home and imagine how it matches with her personality.


There is a lot going on in this house, and I’m not even certain all of it is legal. There’s so much going on that I never could get everything to rezz for me. (You may find some unrezzed or half-rezzed items in these photos; I did the best I could.) However, all the items in Noirran’s home work together to create the feeling of a collection. It’s as if she has curated her home, rather than simply decorated it. Her home is a wonder of curiosities.


Let’s start with the build itself. L2 (creator Lindini Lane) is my favorite home builder in SL. I own everything she’s ever sold, and if I could live in only one home for the rest of my SL days, it’d be one of L2’s. I asked Noirran how long she’s lived in this build, and she surprised me by saying only a couple of weeks. You’d think she had lived here forever.

“I have admired the build from L2 from afar and finally bought it when I got the itch again to change homes.  I really love the details she puts into her homes.  I need more than one living space, one as a sitting room and one as a library.”


Noirran changes builds as often as every three or four months, and yet her home has a sense of permanence and stability. It doesn’t at all feel like a new home. She tells me that it only takes her three of four days to get her place set up when she changes houses, which I find incredible since I’ve been working on my own SL home for about six weeks now and I’m not even halfway finished.



Walking around Noirran’s home, I feel like we could be friends. Even though I don’t know her, here’s what I think about her based on her décor: she’s got a good eye and a style of her own, she’s bold and doesn’t much care what others think, she has a dark sense of humor and appreciates small details. And I feel like her answers to some of my questions back me up here:

Me: Where do you spend most of your time when you’re home?

Noirran: The hallway forgetting where I was going.

Me: What do you wish you had in SL that you currently can’t find?

Noirran: HR Pufnstuf

(editor’s note: look it up. I’m not your mother.)

Me: My home is unfinished and I dig your style. I’ll be moving in tomorrow.

Noirran: Ok, just don’t dig too deep in the garden.

See what I mean? We need to hang out; preferably at her place.


My favorite room in the house is the main living area. It’s rich and warm and full of small details. I spent a long time perving looking around and I’m certain I still didn’t see everything.





Like I said, there’s a lot going on here. But I feel like anyone would agree that when it comes to home decorating, it’s the small details that make the whole thing work. This works.



Noirran has a small studio (also from L2) outside. The two builds nestle up next to each other seamlessly, and the studio is a bright and airy space.




Noirran’s home was riddled with chairs! I tried them all, but it was here in the studio that I found my favorite. The drawing desk is wonderful, but it was the corner window that really won my heart.


I’ll leave you with Noirran’s own words about her home, along with thanks to her for allowing me to nose around. I hope that she doesn’t come to regret inviting me in.*

“My home has always been a retreat for myself and my friends.  It’s also a place where I rez out the memories of my travels through the strange fuckery fueled jamboree I have stumbled through for the last 11 years.”

*it’s funny because she’s a vampire. 

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  1. sisch/Leyla · April 26, 2017

    I love your blog. ❤


  2. Christa/Anandaheart/Cherry · April 27, 2017

    amazing house and Wooooot, someone else who knows HR Pufnstuf!


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