Steffy Ghost’s Work of Art

A side note to you, dear reader, as this new blog finds its final shape and form:

I love the way Second Life looks. SL has a quirky, real-but-unreal quality to it and I’m not trying to change that in my photos. I like for my photos, both here and my more personal pieces, to look like Second Life. There are photographers who, through clever use of windlight and filters, can make SL look just like RL – and those are lovely, too. But they’re not my taste nor my style. You won’t find ultra-realism here. You’ll find Second Life as it looks through my viewer, which is exactly how I like to see it. I hope you enjoy it, as well.

Now, on to Steffy’s place.

View full size photos in all of their glory at the end of this post. 


I’m a writer, so I think of everything in terms of words. When I think of people or places or even images, I associate them with all of manner of words. Steffy Ghost is luxe. That’s one of the words that I have always associated with her personality, her art, her look, and now her home. She is luxurious, vibrant, uproarious, vivacious, elegant, and sumptuous. Her home reflects her personality perfectly.


It’s not luck that Scarlet Creative is such a successful home creator in SL – it’s talent. This build, just like Winter & Magenta’s gorgeous home, is bright and open and airy and easy to move around in with camera in tow. I didn’t plan to do two Scarlet Creative homes in a row, but here we are. And it’s just perfect.


Steffy’s home is filled with wonderful little nooks, each with a different feel. She explains why this appeals to her:

“Most of my house is decorated with little nooks that might not be at all connected, but when it comes to blogging I use my own home as a backdrop a lot, so having these different areas helps to keep it a bit diverse.”


But these little roomlets don’t feel disjointed or separate. Because each of them reflects Steffy’s style in different ways, they are all parts of a whole.


I think of bathrooms in SL homes as extravagances. We only have so much land impact available, so bathrooms are one easy area to cut back on. But Steffy’s gorgeous powder room is another little nook that feels like a quiet oasis; worth the prim count.



I asked Steffy if her SL home style matches that of her RL home décor:

“It does, even though in RL I have less ‘clutter’ and when you own pets you can’t really have light coloured furniture but, aside from that it would be quite the same. I love vintage and thrift shopping for those beautiful adorned gold frames and plants, I have plants pretty much everywhere just like with my SL home.”


Steffy says she only changes houses once or twice a year. And when I asked her what home items she wants but can’t find in SL, she mentioned something I’ve been wanting, as well: Colorful folk art. I want this in my SL life, too.

“I can’t seem to find current/mesh Mexican Folk Art decor. I’ve been amazed with those since I was a kid, the colours, the shapes and subjects portrayed are just amazing.  If my SL home could become something like Frida Kahlo’s home, if she lived in 2017, I would be happy.”



As for something she puts in every home, Steffy says:

“There’s two items that I put out in every house I own, and those would be the Beaumaris Mirror and Dinmael Bust from Theosophy. I feel they can easily blend in with any kind of decor I do.”


Steffy’s home feels youthful, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in elegance. Having her own art on the walls helps with both of these – her work is bright and often sexual in nature, lending a playful sophistication to the whole house. I felt overdressed, as if I should be nude and wallowing in her sheets. But not in a creepy way.








It turns out my favorite chair in Steffy’s home is her favorite spot, as well. This little hanging chair over a pool of water would be impractical in RL, which is partly what makes it so appealing in SL. It was a perfect spot for hanging out. Pun intended.


And I’ll leave you with one final word from Steffy, which I think perfectly articulates who she is and how she views the world, when I asked her about the chickens all over her yard:

“I like my visitors to believe that I have an abundance of cocks in my house… I mean roosters. (Are your readers PG? You can just tell them I like scrambled eggs.)”

Click any image to view a slideshow of full size images.


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    Glad to see you’re back!


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